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Karl Lagerfeld Black Wired Headphones

Karl Lagerfeld HD audio wired headphones that are designed to have intelligent noise reduction and top-quality audio.



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Karl Lagerfeld HD audio wired headphones. CG Mobile has designed and constructed these sleek headphones for devices including smartphones, GPS, etc… Designed to have intelligent noise reduction and top-quality audio, CG Mobile allows you to take that daring and unique style with you wherever you are. We are the ONLY officially licensed dealer for Karl Lagerfeld high quality cellphone cases and accessories.

Technical Details

Drive: 10 mm Sensitivity: 90 dB ± 3 dB Impedance: 16 Ω ± 15% Frequency response: 20 ~ 20 000 Hz Plug type: Ø 3,5 mm Cord length: 1.2 m

UPC: 190993036534



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Karl Lagerfeld Licensed products

Diffusing High End Fashion to Mobile.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld has dedicated his entire life to style and image. His fashions include reasonably priced ready-to-wear for young men and women as well as red carpet gowns worth tens of thousands of dollars for exclusive celebrity clientele. He conceived the short denim mini skirt and the box jacket. He is the head designer for both Chanel and Fendi, as well as for his very own line of fashions.

Karl Lagerfeld’s imagination isn’t limited to clothes. His creativity extends to a wide range of products, including bags, jewelry, fragrances, shoes, home décor, photography, and art. He makes no excuses and enjoys takes risks. He even caricatures himself in some of his designs. His personal look is iconic: a long, white ponytail, and dark sunglasses.

Yet, Lagerfeld has a soft side no one ever knew existed. In 2011, he met “the one” and instantly fell in love. Her name, Choupette is a French pet name for her. In all of his photos with her, he is constantly snuggling and kissing her. He told an interviewer that he’s become a better person since she came into his life.

Choupette is a gorgeous white-haired cat. She has her own maids, groomers, drivers, and she often travels with him. She, too, has a caricature in some of his designs, and he even designed a plush toy that looks just like her.

CG Mobile

For over 10 years, CG Mobile has designed and distributed stylish, luxury mobile phone accessories, tablets, and laptop computer accessories around the globe. They partner only with distinguished, top-of-the line fashion and automotive brands. CG Mobile’s products and designs are on the cutting-edge of all the latest trends.

CG Mobile’s design headquarters office is in Paris, the fashion and style capital of the world. That’s where the innovators gather together to inspire and create new products. Each season, they launch a brand-new set of products to advance, improve, utilize, protect, and broaden the efficiency of all major mobile devices.

Karl Lagerfeld and CG Mobile

Karl Lagerfeld has now partnered with CG Mobile, which makes perfect sense. Lagerfeld’s creativity and innovation fits in flawlessly with CG Mobile’s meticulous demands for excellence. He will now add his imagination, flair, take-a-risk manner, and iconic, cool style to CG Mobile’s products.

Every consumer, woman or man, will, without a doubt, find the perfect mobile accessories to fit both their personal style and needs. And they might even find that great girl like Choupette. And, maybe even some sunglasses.

Make sure you take a look at Karl Lagerfeld’s collection of products at CG Mobile today.