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BMW Embossed Hexagons Signature Collection

Embossed Hexagons Signature Collection iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 BMW Genuine Leather BookType Hard Case Hexagon

iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 BMW Genuine Leather BookType Hard Case Hexagon 49.99 42

A genuine leather hard booktype phone case embossed with raised pyramid pattern.




Embossed Hexagons Signature Collection product features


BMW iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 hard case. CG Mobile has created this genuine leather iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 cell phone case to protect your smartphone in luxury. Designed for ease of use while protecting your investment; this sleek and sexy cell phone case has both. CG Mobile allows you to take the BMW elegance with you wherever you are. We are the ONLY officially licensed dealer for BMW high quality cell phone cases and accessories.


Technical Details

Genuine Leather over rigid composite 3 interior card slots Easy-to-install case Includes CG Mobile's 1-year case limited warranty

Material: Leather
Style: Book Style Case

UPC: 190993000337
SKU: bw22-iphone-7



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BMW Licensed products

High Spec Cars. High Spec Cases.

James Bond

Why mention James Bond, a British Secret Service Spy, for an article about BMW and CG Mobile? Style and image. No matter who plays Bond and regardless of what is taking place in the film, he is always stylish. He sets the standard for both men and women. He exudes confidence, intelligence, and class under the most extreme pressure. And so does BMW.

While the actors who play Bond have changed over the last five decades, various qualities about have Bond not, such as his agent number (007) and his elegance.

Most fans enjoy seeing what gadgets Bond will be using. In the 1990s, the die-hard Bond fans, after seeing the movies, went out and purchased their very own BMWs. They know that Bond is always in tune with sophistication and fans want to be exactly like Bond, which means they want that style and grace that comes with driving a BMW.

Bond’s BMWs

We all know James Bond enjoys a life of extravagance and his cars reflect that. They are fully equipped to serve his every need and desire. Only top quality, high-end, luxury brands would serve such a man. Not surprisingly, several have been BMWs.

GoldenEye opens with Pierce Brosnan driving a BMW Z3 in a wild chase.

Brosnan drives another BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies.

It’s Brosnan again in The World Is Not Enough with a BMW Z8, equipped with ground-to-air missiles, a sonar device, and an extremely important cup holder.

BMWs simply reflect Bond’s image of style and luxury. He wouldn’t drive anything less.

Standards for Luxury

Standards progress. BMW knows that. Senior Vice President, Hildegard Wortmann, recently said that luxury cars have to evolve to reflect shifting buyer tastes and expectations. She said, “Luxury is no longer adding chrome and bits and pieces... there is a new generation coming up where you have to deliver luxury in a different way, which is more about innovation, about craftsmanship, about the materials you use…”

CG Mobile

Since 2016, CG Mobile has been a worldwide market leader in case design. Its aim is to manufacture and distribute officially licensed mobile, tablet and computer accessories that set the standard for quality, durability, luxury, and style.

To achieve its goal, CG Mobile partnered with BMW, a company that has set the standard for luxury and style.

BMW knows that quality and style begin and end with superior craftsmanship, quality, and the best materials. That’s why all of the BMW accessories CG Mobile offers are made with genuine leather, carbon, fiber, and aluminum. BMW wouldn’t put its iconic blue and white emblem on anything less.

See CG Mobile’s BMW collection today.