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New Organic Line iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 Mercedes Benz Leather New Organic III

iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 Mercedes Benz Leather New Organic III 39.99 98 iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 Mercedes Benz Leather New Organic I 39.99 175

A stylish mobile phone cover, made with Genuine Leather over a hard interior shell. It is built to protect your phone while maintaining a sleek modern vibe




New Organic Line product features


Mercedes Benz iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 leather case. CG Mobile has designed and constructed this genuine leather style, cell phone case to protect your smartphone in the luxurious style you've come to expect of Mercedes Benz. Designed for ease of use while protecting your investment; this sleek and sexy cell phone case has both. Mercedes-Benz is known and recognized for its elegant interior finish, products from this collection are directly inspired by the car's dashboard and leather seats. CG Mobile allows you to take that elegance with you wherever you are. We are the ONLY officially licensed dealer for Mercedes-Benz high quality cell phone cases and accessories.


Technical Details

Genuine leather over rigid composite Compatible with wireless chargers Easy-to-install case Includes CG Mobile 1-year case limited warranty

Material: Leather
Style: Hard Case

UPC: 190993021783, 190993021820
SKU: ms20-iphone-8



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MERCEDES BENZ Licensed products

Precision. Luxury. Timeless.

Mercedes Benz. The words alone convey a sense of luxury, style, and captivating. Everything the brand creates pleases and fulfills your senses. And they don't just manufacture motor vehicles. They have an entire line of products for men, women, and children, as well as for the home and office. Like their motor vehicles, every single item is carefully and expertly designed to be the finest - even their golf balls. Every facet is scrutinized, including color, size, and shape – including the way the item reflects light. Mercedes-Benz would have it no other way.

The Name

In the late nineteenth century, Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler, who had been close friends for many years, began producing motorized vehicles in Germany. In 1897, Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman, journeyed to their factory to purchase a vehicle called the “Phoenix.” Jellinek was so pleased, he approached Maybach and Daimler with an offer of mass production, provided they rename it after his nine-year-old daughter, Mercedes. Warmth and affection were key from the beginning.

Around the same time that Maybach and Daimler began designing their first vehicles, Carl Benz began working on his concept of a horseless vehicle. Economic problems befell Germany after World War I and the two companies merged. Sadly, Daimler and Benz never met one another as Daimler died in 1900. Their visions of perfection, style and luxury, however, endure, even after a century.

The Emblem

Mercedes Benz’s emblem, a three-pointed shining star surrounded by an orbit, makes its merchandise instantly recognizable. Before the company’s success, Daimler conceived the emblem symbolize company’s evolution of transport on land, sea, and air. He then drew it on a postcard and mailed it to his wife, promising that one day, it would represent a car giant. Now that’s confidence and determination! The kinds of which demand respect and prestige.

CG Mobile

Since 2006, CG Mobile has been an international leader in case design and engineering. They carefully select internationally prominent designers, car brands, and fashion & lifestyle leaders to exclusively design and distribute officially licensed accessories that protect your mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Now, CG Mobile has partnered with Mercedes-Benz to produce a collection of their officially licensed accessories. CG Mobile honors Mercedes-Benz legend and ensures that every single item is elegantly and expertly crafted with the highest quality. Both CG Mobile and Mercedes-Benz wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course, every item carries that prominent Mercedes-Benz shining star emblem. It instantly turns an ordinary mobile device – the one which nearly everyone carries - into unique and distinct item of respect, standing, and dignity. And it will never ever go out of style.

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