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Off Track Collection Ferrari iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 Cell Phone Case, Off Track Collection PU leather Hard Case

Ferrari iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 Cell Phone Case, Off Track Collection PU leather Hard Case 34.99 43 Ferrari iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 Cell Phone Case, Off Track Collection PU leather Hard Case 34.99 75

A stylish mobile phone cover, made with genuine smooth leather and contrasted piping. It is created to secure protection to your mobile phone while maintaining a sleek modern vibe.




Off Track Collection product features


The Fierce and Fiery CG MOBILE Officially Licensed Ferrari OFF TRACK COLLECTION iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 smooth black leather hard case with contrasting red piping and the brushed metal plate Ferrari logo conjures life in the fast lane and you’re in the driver’s seat. Inspired contemporary urban design, this quilted PU leather hard case is made of durable high quality materials, sheathing your most trusted device with the ultimate protection from scratches and abrasions. Take the lead in life with Ferrari.


Technical Details

Smooth PU leather with genuine constrasted piping Easy-to-install case Includes CG Mobile's 1 year case limited warranty

Material: PU Leather
Style: Hard Case

UPC: 190993002157, 190993002195
SKU: fr5-iphone-7



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Ferrari Licensed products

Handcrafted perfection, just like their cars.

Fierce and fiery is what Ferrari stands for in the automobile industry. This legendary Italian sports car manufacturer has extensive knowledge in making a bold first impression. The creators of the seductively designed Ferrari are expanding their quality products to the contemporary world. Offering nothing less than the most admirable sports car, and now the most highly recommended carrying and protective cases in the market today, Ferrari is brainstorming new and innovative ideas that will bring their superior craftsmanship into other avenues of the world.

CG Mobile

CG Mobile is the technical expert when it comes to mobile device accessories. Crafting the finest designs that will serve you the best, they design products that are not only comfortable for your wireless device, but for you as well. This technology accessories giant can also keep up with one’s day to day errands, and the responsibilities its users have in or outside of the office. CG Mobile strives for quality materials, producing quality products, and quality customer satisfaction. Being the biggest name for the most luxurious mobile technology accessories, CG Mobile brings the “heat” with hot new products at the best prices in the marketplace.

The Partnership

In this growing technological era, everything moves at warp speed. People not only need high-performance tools, but also the finest accessories to help bring out the peak performance of the mobile devices being used on the market today. At Ferrari, all the high-end designers are working fervently, sketching up portable carrying cases for your most loved mobile devices. These portable carrying cases will supply all the same luxury and efficiency as the Ferrari brand itself by helping you get more tasks accomplished throughout the day, whether it be by protecting your phone, laptop computer, or tablet from any outside dangers.

Impress your colleagues with the divine design of Ferrari and CG Mobile computer case collaboration. Designed to accompany even the most elite of CEO's and company presidents while they go about their important business endeavors, CG Mobile knows what every businessperson needs in the office: a computer bag that will do more than simply transport your portable computer safely. Ferrari is using their business-friendly design and adding their expertise on luxury to create the trendiest protection for all your devices. Superior protection during transportation is a big factor, and Ferrari and CG Mobile both have that attribute down to a science. In addition, they want to utilize their standards for the future in order to help people get most out of their portable carrying cases.

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